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Advanced Colposcopy Course Information


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Who is the course aimed at?
The Advanced Colposcopy Course is a 2-day course suitable for colposcopists seeking BSCCP re-accreditation. The course is BSCCP & CME approved.

What is the course objective?
To provide delegates with an update on the latest advances in colposcopy and related subjects, thus enabling them to gain re-accreditation.

What is covered in the course?
The Advanced Colposcopy Course addresses similar topics covered in the Basic course, but in more depth, then moves on to discuss more advanced subjects including new diagnostic developments and new ways of increasing accuracy; the role of tumour markers; cervical infections (excluding HIV) and their relevance to the colposcopy clinic; early invasive squamous and adenocarcinoma and their management; lower-genital tract pathology/vulval disease;management of VIN/VAIN, and multifocal abnormalities of the lower-genital tract.

Much emphasis is placed on management of the more difficult clinical cases: interactive sessions discussing the cytology, colposcopy and pathology of a series of case histories; panel discussion where delegates are encouraged to present examples of their difficult cases.

Certain aspects of running a colposcopy service are also covered: coloscopy guidelines; the place of audit, targets and QA and the medico-legal aspects of colposcopy

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