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Basic Colposcopy Course Information


Normal Cervix Slide Examples
Who is the course aimed at?

The Basic Colposcopy Course is a 2-day course suitable for gynaecologists, pathologists, GU physicians and nurse practitioners. It is aimed at both medical and nursing staff who are commencing colposcopy and who have had no, or limited, exposure to the technique
The course is BSCCP & CME approved and suitable for those wishing to apply for BSCCP colposcopy accreditation.

What is the course objective?
To provide delegates with a thorough grounding in colposcopy and the diagnosis of cervical pre-malignancy and early malignancy in women who have been referred with an abnormal cytological smear (or where clinical signs and symptoms have lead to the suspicion of early invasive cancer).

What is covered in the course?
The course is divided into two main areas: the diagnosis of cervical pre-cancer and early cancer, and the treatment of these conditions.  It introduces the trainee colposcopist to the normal and abnormal cervix and its associated pathology. Cervical pre-cancer and its treatment and related topics are discussed - including HPV infection and vaccination; micro-invasive lesions; glandular disease; role of HIV, the menopause and pregnancy; psychological aspects of colposcopy and non-cervical genital neoplasia. The process of colposcopy is described in detail, using both slides and videos.
The interactive break-out sessions, a popular part of the courses, feature actual clinical cases. The cytology report of the individual patient is first of all presented, then the colposcopy is considered and finally any pathology resulting from the examination is reviewed. Those who are considering taking the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) in Colposcopy can opt to join an interactive session – run by actual examiners - which will help the candidate prepare for the exam. The session features practising with simulation cases, discussing individual cases.

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